What is Reflexology

Relexology is a well-established, natural non-invasive complimentary therapy that is increasing being used alongside conventional medicine. Reflexology treatment uses a skilled form of pressure point on the feet or hands which aims to stimulate the nerve endings that correspond to other parts of your body for stress relief and to aid self-healing.

Recent randomised, double blind, controlled trials have shown reflexology to be effective for the relief of pain and the anxiety state. It is excellent for reducing stress, shown to be the root cause of 70% of illness. This means that it has a beneficial effect on a wide range of conditions.

Reflexology can be clinical and purposeful to deal with pain and stress related issues like anxiety, panic attacks and headaches. It can also be soothing, relaxing, restful and comforting, as you need on that particular day.

Please refer to the research and articles page for further information on reflexology and its potential benefits.